Testing Second Prototype

Testing for the second prototype showed that the experience gained from the first prototype was put to good use.  The car handled as predicted with no surprises regarding the Sacli suspension behavior.  It is conservative design with matching roll centers for roll and dive suspensions made it work as it should, but the performance of the Sacli suspension was also limited due to this conservative design.

testing 2nd prototype

The car had excellent camber control during roll.  The dive suspension camber curve through jounce was that of an existing a-arm car and wasn’t excellent.  Although it was our goal to have such good roll camber and compromise some jounce camber for a stability of the roll centers, it still meant that there is room for Sacli suspension performance to improve before it becomes unstable.

Overall, the second prototype car had jounce camber curves of a conventional double a-arm car that has %50 camber recovery during roll. Our second prototype was able get %100 camber recovery during roll which is twice the amount possible with a double a-arm suspension design that has the matching jounce camber curves.